WYRU in Vegas

You’re annoyed, I’m annoyed, we’re a Pair-a-Noids! This sitcom follows the on and off air adventures of Joe Hill aka Joe King (who is annoyed with the news) as he and his well meaning staff produce a series of podcasts on the radio station WYRU in Vegas (Fun News Network).


Hissues® (hissues.com)

Joe King® (notjoemama.com)

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The Whit House® (TheWhitHouseBriefing.com)

Humors and Rumors® (humorsandrumors.com)


other show segments:

Latte Perks® (www.latteperks.com)

Poop Cookies® (www.poopcookies.com)

AutoNotCorrect (www.AutoNotCorrect.com)